For 22.11.19

Your WordPress Projects

  • Each group follows its own project
  • Be sure to review all of the videos and explanations on support so that you know how it works and know where to go when you need help
  • Set up your group blog and send me the link
  • Each of you create one SHORT post by next Wednesday and where your goal is to learn how to post: keep it short!
  • Copy this post into your portfolio
  • In your portfolio, explain what you’ve learned

Business Process Modeling Notation

Implementing business application systems involves analyzing business processes, and for that analysts typically develop user scenarios then map those scenarios onto business process models — abstractions based on stories that can then be broken down into discrete, coordinated sequences that computers and systems can be designed to support. Business process modeling notation is a powerful tool for representing this middle step between stories and the details of application design and implementation.

  • Study the BPMN Tutorial on Camunda
  • Read more deeply the BPMN 2.0 by Example
  • Install the free BPMN 2.0 Tool
  • Create a tiny little model based on some small little household or play or business problem, such as “the drinking process of my cat” and where you observe, take detailed notes, discuss with others to check your understanding, and then build a model using the Camunda application
  • Reflect on what you have learned and where you do not repeat definitions or instructions or processes as you learned them, but instead, what was it about the concepts or methods that you learned, where you have seen things like this before and how these are different: this is about you, how your thinking has changed