For 8.11.19

  • ERP
  • Outlining
  • HTML
  • WordPress

ERP (one hour)

  • From what is out there to what might interest you (career direction, sort through complexity, part for the whole, motivation
  • Find your way: Choose among the major areas, add your topic to “current issues ERP YourTopic xxx” where xxx = pwc, deloitte, ey, mckinsey, hbr, economist, etc., and for next week report on your survey (Search)
  • For each “xxx”, survey results to find a report that might interest you, find 3 reports and compare and contrast: what seems to be their specific approach, which approach might interest you and why

Set up your research project strategically

  • Overview For each, develop an overview: like this
  • Take a plunge Select one topic, and make a quick dive: like this
  • Reflect By finding your way: like this

Outlining (one hour)

Become a master of outlining/note-taking by following my Outlining

  • Find a partner and work together
  • Create YOUR list of methods and shortcuts and practice shortcuts until you master them
  • Get to know MS Office Support until it becomes automatic for you to consult it (become a master!!)
  • Work clean: no decoration, only Headings/Levels (no arrows, bold, italic)
  • Always use our BizApps Template
  • Work your way through the list (not all of it this week)
  • Reflection: what were your difficulties, how did you develop an effective counter-measure?

HTML (one hour)

WordPress (30min)

  • Signup and play