For 1.11.19

  • ERP
  • Outlining
  • Team Work
  • Evaluation


This is THE major topic of this course, so you will want to spend at least 90 minutes on this per week and learn as much as you can: look for the most ambitious other students to see how far they have gone

  • Scan the homework to find the most interesting approach, something that you think you might learn from (it is your learning problem, after all)
  • Identify and reflect on what makes it so interesting and write up this evaluation in your Reflections
  • Apply this learning to your study of ERP and note how it went and what you think you might like to do next

Master the Outline and Document features of MS Word

Learn as much as you can by following my Outlining Checklist on

  • Document your learning by creating (and in your portfolio, sharing) a Shortcut list for each method and as you have saved it on a Sticky or in a page of your pc’s notebook
  • For each method, learn the shortcuts (practice, practice, practice) until you know them by heart and can demonstrate to anyone’s satisfaction
  • Reflect on your fears, victories, and learning struggles and write that up, too: make it sound difficult and pretty bad so that, over the next weeks, you will be able to tell a much happier story as you will indeed achieve great success!

Team Work

Make sure you do some of this with a partner and write that up, too, and in the way we discussed in class

  • Practice: Paraphrase a conversation, as we heard from the Spanish guys, where you work as a team and adopting various roles
  • Theory: Look up my Team Work page and find one thing about it that helps, and write up briefly what you found and how it helped
  • Additionally, you might look up the Kantor Model and discussion of Audience I refered to in class

For example, include both an introduction to the topic, like this

  • “In this passage, we introduce our learning through collaboration.

Then tell the story of what actually happened, like this:

  • “In practice it worked out like this: he thought one should structure the problem as a list of definitions, but I thought it better to use examples and to make comparisonss. Then we compared these alternatives to what others in the class were doing, and that helped us decide to … ”


Please take a moment to review the Thesis Rubric, like what I distributed in class, and identify one thing that you might like to work on this week, work on it, and in your homework write up a couple of sentences reflecting on what you learned. For more, see my Evaluation page