For 18.10.19

For this first assignment, please explore each of the topics below so that next week you will have warmed up to the exercises, might see what others have done, bring your questions to class, and have a chance in the following week to do the very same exercise better.

  • Spend no more than three hours
  • For each assignment, note briefly what you did, how long you did it, what you learned, and what you might do next
  • Use the BizApps Template I shared with you (and I’ve put a copy on our Dropbox folder).
  • Share your homework by Wednesday night so that on Thursday everyone will have a chance to see what others have done and receive some feedback: a) you did what others did, you are ok, and b) see how others have done things differently and so how you might also proceed

Learning how to use the Outline View in MS Word (30 minutes?)

I do not know how each of you learns best, please choose from among the following options:

  • Exploring MS Office Support. Search “osx ms word using the outline view” or “windows ms word using the outline view” and do your best to follow the advice
  • Watching short videos. With your search above, click the “Videos” and watch. Please note that I will advise you a bit differently, but you may find it easier to understand when you “walk” you through the methods and concepts as you see what is being done and hear an explanation
  • Exploring my advice. Visit and follow the articles I’ve written, including Outlining to Think, Outlining Checklist, and Portfolios and Dropbox
  • Work with a partner (invite a classmate for a coffee and cakes!)

Study our course design by mapping it (30 minutes?)

Wrap your head around our course design so that you are sure you understand the overall framework, and to help do that create a mind map of the major elements and details you find relevant as we did when I offered you the five part structure with “IT enabled business” in the middle of it

  • Rather than simply copy the discussion I’ve offered, pick and choose the elements you think both represent my intent AND those you find interesting
  • Create a diagram that will help you remember so that whenever someone asks you about our approach you will have a powerful memory tool in your head and be able to use it
  • There is no right or wrong answer here, the best diagram might be rather brief as long as it is to the point
  • Replacing my words with your own might be key: translate my discussion into something that makes sense to you

Data modeling (30 minutes?)

Additionally, to learn about such diagrams, compare and contrast the following things two at a time and in any order. For example, what is similar and different in lists and stacks?

As we discussed in class, a very good way to start would be to compare the definitions you find among the sources I offered, which you will find here.

  • List
  • Stack
  • Diagram
  • Story
  • Map
  • Explanation
  • Definition
  • Concept
  • Outline
  • Joke

Identify CRM components (30 minutes?)

Watch the US Food Service / Oracle video. identify whatever ERP components you see or hear them talk about, and discuss briefly how these components deliver value. To do this, you will likely want to go on the web an find other, more systematic discussions.

Look up Boot Sequence (15 minutes?)

Find a discussion a computer’s boot sequence and model it until you understand the principles and some of the detail (but don’t go into every step, just the major elements). Your aim is to learn how to learn IT and to the end of becoming an autonomous learner, so whatever you do will be good, and by comparing your work to others you’ll learn different ways of doing it.