For 15.11.18

This lesson is about slowing down and looking more closely at how you study and learn — as we discussed when looking at this iterative process model.

  • You do well to take the assignment personally and seriously, interpreting it to your benefit: do something thoughtful with every single element below as if this were your chance to really learn something about your learning
  • Write for you and your classmates, not simply to please me.
  • To support the teamwork we began today, I’ll bring printouts of your homework that you can post on the wall and so offer each other feedback
  • Your portfolio for this week should reflect about 4 hours of serious, thoughtful work — which you will happily do when you figure out how to turn it to your purposes!

Learning “know how” – Styles in MS Word

  • Modify style, make it beautiful: learn how to change things to improve readability and style
  • Copy styles from another file: what is the procedure, what steps: write this in a way that you can reproduce the next time, when you’ve forgotten and have to rely on your notes
  • “MS Word support YourOS Styles”: Look up Styles, keep track of the URL and your steps using this tremendous support system
  • Documentation: write up notes for you, not for the teacher: notes that you will take pride in, find useful, that record your learning and mastery style
  • “Know How:” Learn something from my First Structure, Then Style page and document that, too
  • Use “firstname, 15.11.18” as filename (see if you can follow this format exactly)

Workflow, getting things done

  • What did you work on when? Have you managed four hours of homework, and if not, why not?
  • How has your scheduling of BizApps homework changed?
  • How differently does your partner do things, how did he/she change their schedule?
  • What did you have to overcome to improve your workflow/productivity?
  • How did you apply this lesson/method to another class?

Learning SQL

  • What did you find interesting in SQL, what is it about, how does it work?
  • What did your partner help you to see that you had not seen before?
  • How far into SQL did you go? Do some of the things on the homework for last week, For 8.11.18 (spend at least one hour on this!)
  • Compare and contrast two different SQL sources: how different are they, which do you prefer and why, and which not and why not?