For 8.11.18

Learning SQL

Your mission is to learn how to learn programming languages (on the way to learning about complex business application systems more generally) so that you can pick up and learn such things on your own

Why study multiple sources comparatively?

  • Audience. Review about the eight very different intellectual styles, identify your style for each of the four pairs, and think a moment about how you do well to prepare to explain things with far different intellectual styles: this is not simply about your learning, but about your communication with others in business contexts
  • Intellectual Styles. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the difference between German, French, English and Asian intellectual styles

How to learn code comparatively

Spend 20+ minutes on the first pages each of the following resources to the end of developing a compare and contrast discussion of how differently they approach the topic, what different things you learned from each, and how these differences are fitting into your head

Better Note-Taking

What we are after

  • Documentation, readable to other
  • Simplification, only the necessary
  • Clarity, no ambiguity
  • Precision
  • Reproducibility
  • Order
  • Consensus (check with someone else)


  • Where: Go to Control Panel/Setting/Update and Security/Backup
  • Configure: Click “Add Drive” , select your External hard drive

Applied to Backups

  • Finding good advice
  • Redundancy, backups in THREE places
  • Timely, daily
  • Testing, make sure it works