For 27.6.18

Portfolios Due 3.7.18

  • Portfolios please submit as MS Word files on Dropbox by Tuesday 3.7.18 so I can print them out and bring them to class on 4.7.18 and where you include all of your homework in chronological order and with a table of contents

Learning Code (2 hours)

  • Explore your code using both HF and Codecademy so that you may develop a more comprehensive understanding
  • Dig into code Dig into your chosen code, work through the problems so that you quickly reach the point of “I can do this!” (This may not happen today or tomorrow, but aim for it)
  • What are the ISSUES, the important things about databases, for example: what is it about the structure of a table that gives databases their power? Explain, don’t just claim, and prepare explanations that really do further your understanding and which will help you help others in your team.
  • Document your learning in a way that will help you later, when you are away from this, pick up where you left off: do this for you, not simply to show the teacher; you do this by writing up concepts, examples, and explanations based on your “getting it” — the things that will help you later.
  • A picture tells 1,000 words Collect a few images that represent the interesting concepts and tell memorable stories about them (practice for your exams!)
  • Develop your own analogies Find ways of explaining what you are learning in your own terms so you remember
  • Documenting Code Create a Heading 8 for code only, make it look like an old fashioned typewriter, indent 2.5cm both sides, single spaced, and learn how to copy code from the pdfs and Codecademy and past it into your documents
  • Report Distinguish between what the text (cite: which text, which page) says and what you think important or have learned: don’t explain to me (I’ve already learned this stuff)
  • Reflection Reflect on your learning like we discussed with Franzi, thoughtfully, identifying what works, how you work, what you might like to do differently and why: this is for you, that you identify your habits, strengths, weaknesses, workflow, things you are working on to prepare you for the present and future

Your Project’s Professional Conversation (2 hours)

  • Identify the relevant professionals and where you do not tell me about the topic, but report on what the relevant professionals are discussing
  • Explore competing points of view and so how the professionals are discussing things differently which you then compare and contrast
  • Talk/Write so that you write like you discuss things with classmates, address the questions they raise, and so study in order to discuss things in business
  • Survey before you dig down so that you develop a high-level perspective of how professionals are discussing things, survey the topics, then choose carefully before you dig down
  • Explore, be curious, and be humble, and so you do not talk like God describing things dutifully to children, but instead explore what the professionals are saying as you are, a young person starting out, not sure of what is going on, just trying to figure things out