For 30.5.18


If not already …

  • Use our class template
  • Headers, “first name, date – page#”

HFDA Chapter 3

Outline 3-5 important things you learn from HFDA Chapter 3

  • What concepts did you learn? Write not “look teacher, I did the homework,” but outline and discuss concepts or methods that you did now know about before, understand now, and find interesting
  • Definitions. Define 3-5 terms and where you: 1. Write down your initial definition of a term, 2. What you find using the dictionaries on my Definitions page, and 3. Explain the difference, what you learned
  • Learning from Others. Identify what you applied in your work based on what you saw in the work done by someone else (last week’s homework on Dropbox)

Steps 1 and 2

  1. PhotoScan one page of notes
  2. Outline in MS Word


Document, diagram, and explain a change in your study habits and a change in your workflow (which you will use, below, for the BPMN exercise)

  • For advice on changing habits, see Duhigg
  • For advice on workflow, refer to my Outlining or our discussion of note-taking

Steps 1 and 2

  1. PhotoScan one page of notes
  2. Outline in MS Word


Start learning about Business Process Modeling Notation

  • Download and install Camunda
  • Survey the Tutorial, Reference, and Examples sections you will find there

Step 3

  • Using Camunda, diagram your two GTD studies above, including your changes in habits and workflow


To become familiar with the ecological, social, and political dimensions of our technologies, read one article in the iEconomy series, go on the web and find another short article (The Economist?), and write a paragraph discussing what you did not know and learned and found interesting