For 25.4.18

  • Team Work
  • Fundamentals of CRM
  • Getting Things Done
  • Everyday Research (Craft 7)
  • Outlining

Team Work

Form a team

  • What interests have you in common? Create your team’s first mind map, share (PhotoScan, Dropbox) your common map, explain how this process helped you to identify your particular interests as well as what you have in common

Learning from another

  • Identify some interesting thing another has done that you might light to learn from, interview your classmate, do it, and report on your findings
  • Document “before” and “after” with illustrations and explanation: walk us through your learning process

Explore how this group work is preparing you for the future

  • In any field — including sport, arts, business, etc. — observe, research, and write up a discussion of the value (and limits?) of collective effort (cf. Team Work, my discussion)

Homework Review

  • Share on Dropbox by 12 noon Tuesday so you can review your team’s work by class Wednesday; briefly observe what progress you see in others

Business Fundamentals: CRM

Our problem is how to develop lifelong team learning skills in ERP system design and implementation: how to learn how to learn BizApps

  • In your teams, survey resources in CRM, develop a collective reading strategy, compare your results, and plan for next steps; in your portfolios, write up your part and an overview of the others
  • Include study of the Odoo Processes Tour (IT), but also discussion from relevant professional literatures (especially KPMG, PWC, EY, Deloitte, HBR, Wharton)
  • Create an annotated bibliography in Mendeley, and expand on your Mendeley entry in your portfolio, including screenshots, discussion, and reflection on your learning

Your Workflow: Getting Things Done (GTD)

Study and apply GTD to the end of improving your workflow

  • Identify specific improvements in your note-taking, organizing, planning, and reflection, such as learning how to take notes on the u-bahn and revise them later (how, for example, did you transform a note made immediately after class with reflection later?)
  • Read and apply Getting Things Done and my Productivity page, and using , organize your time and activities better and document what you’ve done, how, and reflections: the point is to study, apply, and make a difference
  • Use Trello as well as calendars, to do lists, notebooks, and synchronized phone/laptop routines
  • Organize your folder/files better, flatter, and with better file names

Everyday Research

Learn how to hear and use research thinking in your daily life

  • Transcribe parts of a problem-solving conversation and where you identify clearly claims, argument, evidence, acknowledge, and warrants as you will find in Craft 7, Argument
  • Outline useful, memorable parts of Chapter 7 of The Craft of Research,“ Argument
  • When outlining, pay particular attention to sub-heads
  • See my Outlining page to improve the quality of your Portfolio (and use my template on Dropbox)