For 18.4.18

Discussion Sections

Team Work

Developing team and communication skills: to learn in this class and to prepare for modern, communications-intensive workplaces

  • Team Work, Review (and apply!)
  • Compare and contrast your work with others, identify 1 thing (anything) others have done that you would like to learn, discuss these things with them, make a plan to do so, and start doing so
  • In your homework, document your “before”, your classmate’s example, and your “after” and including a discussion of your “asking for and offering help”.
  • Next Tuesday, look at the homework your chosen classmates have done and note what they chose to work on, identify (and admire!) your new heroes (and you yourself BE a hero!)

Your Workflow: Getting Things Done

The point is to improve your productivity and to see the relationship between your productivity methods and those used in your future workplaces: if you want to learn how to manage others, you might first learn how to manage yourself: turn your own learning/productivity into an laboratory and model for yourself and for others


Business Fundamentals

  • Outline what CRM systems involve (look for CRM on Wikipedia)
  • Identify CRM biz/technology in US Food Service Grows Market Share with Oracle on Demand
  • Odoo Processes Tour includes lots of videos to explain the different modules, such as CRM: compare and contrast two of them
  • Make three annotated screenshots and develop an explanation Three Annotated Make three screenshots and discuss how illustrate the film’s claims for how CRM systems contribute to business value.
  • See my Images for quick advice on screenshots: resize, different sizes, annotations (Jing/Preview)
  • Learn how to tell a story around images, based on facts and information, but weaving them into a story: Engage Through Storytelling, Nancy Duarte

Technology / Thinking : Outlining

  • Outline Chapter 1 of The Craft of Research,“ outlining for use, discussing clarification, understanding, memory.
  • Master Outlining and Portfolios (use my template), follow the checklist, and especially, create notebook, shortcuts, symbols