For 11.4.18

Business Fundamentals

This short video illustrates how a business application system module for Customer Relation Management (CRM) delivers business value.

  • Make three screenshots and discuss how illustrate the film’s claims for how CRM systems contribute to business value.
  • See my Images for quick advice on screenshots
  • Outline what CRM systems involve (look for CRM on Wikipedia)


  • Install Trello and learn how to use it to organize all of your assignments, including school work, eating and sleeping, visiting with friends, etc., etc., — be sure to change names to protect the innocent!
  • Using my Homework Template, learn how to use Outlining to master MS Word and create your class portfolio: create a checklist of things to be learned, learn them, and document your learning; See also my advice on Portfolios, and submit your portfolio on our Dropbox by Monday evening
  • Odoo Processes Tour includes lots of videos to explain the different modules, such as CRM: compare and contrast two of them

Analytical and Critical Thinking

  • Outline Chapter 1 of The Craft of Research”

Team Work

  • Share your portfolios online by Monday evening
  • Note what others have done by Tuesday evening and where you look for confirmation (you are ok) and inspiration (what you might like to do next)
  • Write this up for the following week along with what you learn from each other in class, including asking for and offering help with MS Word or anything else