For 24.1.18

Final Portfolios

  • TOC 2 levels only, dates and assigned topics
  • .doc format by Tuesday (best by noontime) 23.1.18 so I can print them out
  • Bring your filled-out cover sheet so you can assemble and bind the document

Note on assembling your document

  • Start with the style you are using at the end, and let the styles of the first weeks fall apart (don’t make things perfect: the portfolio should reflect development over time)
  • You can copy and paste, but you can also Insert a document in Word (Thanks Anatoliy!)
  • If your styles conflict and are a mess, simply copy styles from our current “# Template” styles into your document and they will be made consistent

Reflections on Learning

  • Using your assembled document for prompts, review your homework week-by-week and identify what you have learned and, if you are lucky, in transformative learning terms