For 17.1.18

  • Revise backup documentation
  • Learn Odoo
  • 7-11 Japan

Revise backup documentation

Revise your documentation of your backup routine to communicate clearly your having mastered the procedure and are in fact making daily backups

Learn Odoo

Learn Odoo and learn how to learn Odoo, because if you can figure out how Odoo works you’ll be able to figure out how any ERP system works

  • Learn whatever you have to learn, become an autonomous learner
  • Document your learning, what things, how do they work, etc.


Odoo Links

  • Odoo Processes Tour includes lots of videos to explain the different modules, such as the CRM you looked at last month: take a few minutes to explore some of the others and learn how the basic components are re-configured for specific purposes
  • Odoo CRM Documentation includes detailed, step-by-step advice on using the technology to support CRM business problems: work your way through this carefully, this is nuts-and-bolts stuff
  • Odoo CRM app is the app itself, play with this after you have studied the first two links (the interface is just like Trello, except in back is a powerful database and logic)

7-11 Japan

Outline and discuss how ERP systems work in the case of 7-11 Japan