For 10.1.18

  • Hardware
  • Security
  • Survivor Stories
  • Documentation
  • Preparing for ERP
  • Looking Ahead


  • Hardware offers a few links to discussions of the boot sequence we discussed in class


Learn how to do the following, as discussed on my Security page:

  • Making daily backups
  • Using strong passwords and password managers

Survivor Stories

Scenario: Tell a story of technology hell and how you overcame it.

  • You gotta go down in order to get up
  • Re-install, go back to a known safe state
  • Be lucky
  • Google it, find a fellow sufferer …

Troubleshooting: explain how you solved your problem in a creative way

Repent, Repent! Change your life!

Seek an effective counter-measure to avoid such troubles in the future!

  • Work in pairs, two heads are better than one
  • Do this early, plan ahead: do it when you have resources.

Document this change in workflow/habits

  • Have you really learned this?
  • Prove it!

Accurate, Useful Documentation

What do we we have to learn from documentation?

  • To understand, clarify your thought, and to remember.
  • Documentation that works: explain it as you yourself would appreciate having it a year from now when, having forgotten most of this, you want quickly to come up to speed and build a website.
  • Not simply the detailed steps, but a list and explanation of what is going on, the key concepts, and where to find help on WordPress Support
  • How did your documentation strategy/method change?

Preparing for ERP: Time, Resource, and Process Management

  • Purpose The purpose of this exercise is to prepare you for a lifetime of working with complex information and production systems, beginning with your own
  • Goal The problem is to manage complexity, time pressures, organization of materials and processes to the end of efficiency (we say: to optimize)
  • Strategy If you can learn how to optimize your already complex life using human-scale applications like Trello, you will be able to understand and master the organization of enterprise scale applications like Odoo or SAP

What to do

  • Install Trello and learn how to use it to organize all of your assignments, including school work, eating and sleeping, visiting with friends, etc., etc., — be sure to change names to protect the innocent!
  • Make lots of screenshots to choose from and work with as you go along, showing how your planning changes with each day, and as you learn how differently to document your activity and your learning

What to record

  • Classes, including preparation, note-taking, assignments, scheduling, materials, processes
  • Your daily life, including food lists, meal plans, meeting with friends
  • Task details, such as homework assignments, where you describe the task, list the materials needed, characterize and organize the processes (reading, note-taking, writing),
  • Don’t go crazy with this, and certainly don’t let it run your life — though if you do this right, with minimum costs for maximum benefits, maybe it will really help you — we are after concept mastery on the way to learning enterprise systems

What to document

  • Every time you make a bunch of changes, make screenshots and write up what you’ve learned
  • Explore different ways of documentation to the end of understanding, clarifying thought, and remembering (and not simply to impress the teacher)

Looking Ahead

  • Odoo Processes Tour includes lots of videos to explain the different modules, such as the CRM you looked at last month: take a few minutes to explore some of the others and learn how the basic components are re-configured for specific purposes
  • Odoo CRM Documentation includes detailed, step-by-step advice on using the technology to support CRM business problems: work your way through this carefully, this is nuts-and-bolts stuff
  • Odoo CRM app is the app itself, play with this after you have studied the first two links (the interface is just like Trello, except in back is a powerful database and logic)