For 6.12.17

Learning from others (c. 1 hour)

  • Survey the homework for 28.11.17 until you find at least one if not 2 that interest you for the way they have done things
  • Revise your homework to reflect what you’ve learned from them
  • Report on what you observed, what you did differently, and what you learned through this process
  • Include and refer to annotated screenshots suggesting “before and after”

Learning CRM (c. 2 hours)

  • How does CRM deliver business value? Watch US Food Service Grows Market with Oracle CRM on Demand and outline the CRM business attributes: what makes for business value here? What makes these systems tick? Don’t sell me Oracle, do explain the principles. Use report structures, “the claim …, they show …”
  • How do CRM applications work? Watch Introduction to Odoo CRM and write up a dozen notes on what is going on with this application: how does it appear to be organized? Write notes for you and not for me.
  • Learn how a business process works Read Odoo Sales Pipeline and make a preliminary diagram with your own symbols explaining how this works (next, you will learn BPMN notation, but the best introduction will be your own diagrams of a pipeline as you first encounter it here)
  • Extend your CRM terminology Look up on the web each of the terms you find in the Odoo CRM Technologies page and write a brief note: don’t just copy what they so, do look things up and explain them to you so you will remember them: write notes for you and not for me

Learning SQL (c. 2 hours)

Continue learning SQL and where you list at least a dozen concepts, not simply codes, but concepts: how does this work, what is the logic, compare it to what you know, compare it to Google or other things, how does the world look differently now that you are learning about the databases that drive so many of the things we see, do, touch, and feel?

Do something differently for good health (c. 1 hour)

  • Watch Your Mobile Phone is Dirtier Than You Think, become completely disgusted with your filthy phone and habits, make a photo of your 1) phone, 2) a bottle of window cleaner, and 3) a cleaning cloth, and for five days develop a habit of washing your phone once a day and keep a record of it
  • Watch enough of From One Second to the Next to become completely horrified of how dangerous our use of such things is and make a dozen photographs with your phone of people using phones and where you step back far enough to show the safety or dangers of their using these dangerous things
  • Read just enough of Too much sitting — A health hazard to be convinced you ought to do something differently, do it, and make before and after photos illustrating what you’ve learned and done.