For 29.11.17

Learning from others

Write up what you’ve learned from someone else as if it really mattered and implement this advice.

  • Study the concept of Zone of Proximal Development and where you learn how we sometimes learn when someone else offers perspective and when we help them offer perspective: that we seek to understand differences we might then apply
  • Keep this short and to the point, demonstrate the concept (don’t try to write a history of the world)
  • Explain what you discussed in the manner of a protocol, formalize what you learned as a concept based on example
  • Do it
  • Document and explain what you’ve done

Business Process Modeling

Our next topic is Business Process Modeling and where over the next weeks we will learn the concepts, how to design using Business Process Modeling Notation, how these models are implemented using Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, and the foundational technology of all systems, Relational Database Management Systems, and their Relational Databases and programming language SQL. For this next week, we’ll start at the top and bottom:

Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

From the top …

  • Read the wikipedia article and wrap your head around these systems
  • Identify one component, such as CRM, SCM, e-commerce, etc., and read up on the component until you understand the basics of this business and how ERP systems support them
  • For your homework, map this topic as you would initially study it and where you might plan on spending 3 completely interesting hours on it

Structured Query Language (SQL)

From the bottom … read up on what Relational Databases are and how the SQL programming language works

For your homework, document your learning and sketch how you think you might best spend three hours learning this component