For 21.11.17

As we discussed, your mission is to extend the assignment of 15.11.17.

I would recommend that you pay particular attention to the four elements below, especially the use of action verbs and reporting verbs and as Francesca as used them everywhere in her writing: these verbs will give you tremendous power as they lead you to ask important analytical questions of your materials!!!

  • Slow down and exploit outlining, cf. my Classroom Example, and where you revise to identify higher-level concepts and thinking
  • Exploit action verbs, to assist higher level thinking, cf. “Bloom’s Taxonomy Action Verbs” (Dropbox)
  • Report on your findings, cf. “Adelaide, Reporting Verbs” (Dropbox)
  • Discuss when appropriate how your “mental models” have changed

Additionally, please look at Paola’s excellent scans of her homework where she draws circles and wrote in keywords, as I have suggested here:

Following my Classroom Example, we are looking for concepts, high-level generalizations, and there are a number of things you might do to learn how to work with them

  • Circle keywords in your article, write the keywords in the margins, list them in your outline, the group them meaningfully (for example, heading 4) under a sub-head, a high-level generalization