For 11.10.17

For this first exercise you will need

  • The Delta article (on Dropbox)
  • Blank pieces of paper for notes
  • A phone with Google Scan installed
  • A copy of MS Word (free from the HWR)
  • A copy of “# Template” now on our Dropbox
  • Basic knowledge of the Outline View
  • Disciplined study habits so you can put this word file (“Firstname, 11.10.17” in the proper Dropbox folder by Monday evening without ruining your weekend or running out of time on Monday
  • A classmate or two you can work on this together with

Read and Outline “E-Business at Delta Airlines”

  • Identify the major sections as stages in an argument
  • Identify the key terms (for an understanding of e-business)
  • Look up 3 of those terms, note the definition/explanation, and indicate your sources
  • Create a timeline and indicate the major developments for understanding e-business
  • Keywords in the margins (what is a keyword?)
  • Outline with pen on paper
  • Scan using Google Scan
  • Compare with a partner, write up how differently you interpreted the text
  • Re-read the text now differently, use a second, differently coloured pen or pencil for annotations
  • Create an improved outline using [] and learn how to export it to .rtf for adding to your MS Word portfolio