For 27.6.17

Please continue with last week’s assignment and as copied below. Please note, that if you have not yet discussed your work with someone else (and not read Chapter 2 of Craft, now would be a good time!)

  • Research
  • Head First Data Analysis


  • Outline for you and your partners!

The problem here is to shift from presentation mode to explanation mode, and you get there by a) understanding why we often make presentations, dressing things up, and b) when we practice discussing things with others: this week, first explain what you are talking about to a partner and then write it up

The theory is explained well in

  • Craft, Chapter 2, Connecting to Your Reader: “what’s interesting here?”

In your portfolio, revise your research notes as a result of your conversation and explain and illustrate the difference: explain “before” and “after” and what the difference is and how you got there

Head First Data Analysis

  • Outline For You!

As we learned in our discussion of research, the issue here is not to prove to me that you’ve read this (and deserve a good grade), but to create notes to help you remember the completely interesting things you are learning (for life!)