For 13.6.17

  • Revise your research topic
  • Learn some SQL

Revise your research topic

After you talk/write”/free writing to get the juices flowing and integrate what you have learned about your topic and your method: next, dig (research) deeper (then free write again)

  • Formulate a research question
  • Find additional literatures to address that question
  • Outline to clarify what relevant professionals are discussing and adjust your question accordingly
  • Talk/Write again

Learning from others

Identify ONE thing that someone else has done that you might do (to improve) and do it!

Reflect on your learning

  • Tell a story of your asking questions, setting goals, overcoming difficulties, learning from sources and classmates


  • Install Mendeley desktop
  • Create an account to sync to web
  • Enter your first bibliography entries
  • Annotate (summarize) your entries
  • Create complete bibliography entries in the Harvard style

Reflect on your learning

After preparing your bibliography, paste your entries into your portfolio, append your annotations, and discuss how you see your research differently

Learn more SQL

Create a Glossary for SQL

  • Look up 5 terms, include formal definition and everyday accessible explanations (Moritz will test you next week)
  • Create a glossary (hopefully simple) for you collection of bzaps terms (Tom will explore pc based glossary method)

Codeacademy Method:

We have these texts, but how to read them is a problem

  • Head First SQL
  • Codecademy

What are you learning and how? List and explain things that YOU want to remember for YOU (not for me)

  • What are the concepts, how does it work?
  • What special features of the syntax?

Your task is to figure out how to learn …

  • “learning by doing”
  • “learning by mistaking and desperately searching for some dumb little thing to make it work: I remember because I want to avoid further pain” = a semi-colon is necessary to completely any instruction: “;”
  • Experiment and make some memorable notes
  • If screenshots, then also annotation

Whatever you do, include text/screenshots (240pixels) with annotations