For 6.6.17

  • Revise your research topic
  • Learn some SQL

Revise your research topic

Exploring any one or more of the topics we’ve discussed in our consultations this week, revise and/or extend your research topic work

  • Free Writing
  • Identify key words, make sub-heads
  • “talk/write”
  • Illustrations
  • Evidence
  • Literature Review
  • Revision, second and third revisions/approaches
  • Tell a story of your learning

Learn SQL (supporting your reading of Pipelines)

Study two sources, do whatever you have to do to learn how SQL and relational databases work

  • Head First SQL
  • Codecademy

Tell a story of your learning

  • How can you prepare yourself to learn this important, complex thing?
  • What is your learning style, how do you think?
  • How have you organized your study?