For 16.5.17

Until now, much of your note-taking describes what others are saying and in a normative way, like “write clearly!”, but this week, apply what you have learned to your topic: choose something completely interesting and use these methods to get at it brilliantly: you have four hours in class and should spend at least three on your homework

  • Method List the lessons of the past week in the manner of a checklist, apply as you go along
  • Research. Research your topic in preparation for a blog post where you will outline your findings (notes for next week, blog post the week after)
  • Become a connector! Offer your readers a survey of the interesting things others are writing about as you discover them: don’t tell us what is, do tell us what other smart people are talking about
  • Reflection As you go along, make short notes on your method, how you go about applying different things (like time management, outlining to capture and sort through new material, etc.)
  • Show Support each of your claims, whether about your topic or your implementation of new methods, with illustration by telling a convincing story, one with the “ring of truth”, and featuring a screenshot or other image so others can see what you are talking about