For 25.4.17

Craft 1: Research

Revise our outline of chapter 1 to develop a deeper understanding of what the text proposes and to practice the fine art of revision

  • Explore the thesis of Chapter 1, where they discuss how we read and write to check, clarify, remember (and extend) our understanding by revising your outline: re-read the chapter, add new sections, and rewrite your notes and sub-heads
  • Your aim is to distinguish between what you read and understood the first and second time: the assumption is that we see at first what we know and on a second reading see other things
  • Compare your two versions and discuss what you saw differently

Craft 2: Audience and conversation

  • Outline the three different models they offer as well as any other things that you think might be important
  • To deepen your understanding, illustrate each of the models with a brief little story about how you have done at least a little of each
  • Compare and contrast the models to better understand them: maybe explain each in terms of the other
  • Explore, as you go along, how comparisons work: maybe use “on the one hand … on the other” and “they say … I say …”

Mastering Outlining

  • Aim to learn each of the functions listed on my Outlining Checklist
  • Copy the list into your stickies, find and record shortcuts for each (but not Table of Contents), include a screenshot in your portfolio and brief discussion of what you learned and what you had to overcome to learn
  • Skip those you have trouble finding, but definitely create a list of those you’ve skipped so you can ask others
  • Ask others for help, and tell a brief story about asking others (to develop your skills of “asking and offering help”
  • Document your learning with screenshots and a short story

Resizing and places images

A picture tells a thousand words: learn how to make screenshots and place them in MS Word

  • My Example of images placed in a Word file
  • Look up “resizing images in OSX” or “resizing images in Windows 10”
  • Learn now differently to “view images windows 10” “view images in OSX”
  • Save your images in two sizes, 1024pixels and 460 pixels wide

Revise your outlines of McAfee and YourTopic

Apply what you have learned above to a brief revision of your McAfee and YourTopic outlines

Special new topic: Definitions!

Read and apply my advice on definitions to one business term that you find in your research