For 18.4.17

Extend your research through team work

Apply what you have learned from others to your research project and reflect on what you’ve learned

  • Post your homework all on wall, develop an overview by surveying all
  • In pairs, find one interesting thing your partner has done and that you would like to learn and do yourself and tell them about it
  • Make notes on what you’ve found and might like to do next
  • Repeat with another partner (Change Partners)
  • For homework, apply what you have learned to your research project (read and outline more, an hour or so)
  • Reflect on your on your research project learning


Get to know each other through a mind-mapping exercise where you identify your interests and where they overlap

  • In teams, map your interests/projects and find commonalities
  • Using Photo Scan or something similar, make a good photo of your collective map (put it near the light, flat, hold camera parallel, and edit for (light, contrast, color)
  • Using “free online mind mapping services“, transfer your team map
  • Place your mind map image carefully in your outline: learn how to resize, place, and write up your your protocol/standards
  • List your difficulties and tell an interesting story of how you overcame them, how you learned something about technology, technology learning, and your self
  • Survey my Team Work advice, then begin to outline The Discipiine of Teams by Katzenbach and Smith


Become an outlining wizard, master the MS Word beast once and for all!

Craft, Chapter 1

Learn how to revise your outline of Craft chapter 1

  • Using the Outline feature, identify different sections or re-arrange your present sections as you go along
  • Revise your sub-heads, find stronger generalizations, keywords, or whatever best characterizes the subordinate lines
  • Ask questions of the text, develop a rhythm of observation, analysis, and reflection so that you are always looking at the text critically, asking questions …
  • Include the new stuff (don’t copy last week), but do reflect on what you’ve done differently (with small comparisons if you need to make your point)


  • Same as above with McAfee

File Naming

Please use the following file naming convention:

  • FirstName, 18.4.17