For 11.4.17

The Craft of Research

  • Read and outline Chapter 1, “Thinking in Print”
  • Review TOC of Craft, as we will read a (short!) chapter each week (and apply it)
  • Tell a short story of what you’ve learned

Group Work

  • Mindmap your potential interests and topics, take a picture of your mind map (first step)
  • Best is when you find others who share your interests so you can work on things together, maybe more important that what particular topic (misery loves company!)
  • Tell a short story of what happened

Find your (first) topic

  • Search “current issues/trends your topic 2016 X” to find current high-level discussion of something that interests you
  • X = pwc, deloitte ey mckinsey hwr wharton, in insure high-level discussion
  • Review my advice on Search
  • Tell a short story of what you were looking for and how your topic has changed

Outline your topic (briefly!)

  • Identify what is interesting
  • Select a text to read closely and explain briefly your choice
  • Outline the major parts (sub-heads)
  • Explore one part (and subordinate the rest)
  • Exploration means explaining that one part and where you look at how and why this thing is important
  • Be sure to choose topics and aspect that have to do with business, and hopefully, applications and systems
  • Discuss briefly what you’ve learned

Create a proper outline

  • Study my advice on Outlining Principles and Outlining Styles
  • For styles, use the Syllabus file to create a template
  • Learn how to assign levels (sub-heads, discussion, etc.)
  • How to expand and collapse levels, how to view levels
  • Shortcuts, and create a Sticky or Note to keep track of them
  • Discuss briefly what you’ve learned about outlining and how differently you now see the world

Outline McAfee, IT is Not the Answer

  • Identify the major sections and with keywords
  • Discuss what is going on in each part
  • Create an outline (brief!)
  • Discuss briefly what you’s learned about reading, how your reading method has changed


  • Read my advice on Portfolios
  • Be sure to follow the File Name Format (bottom of that page)
  • Post your homework by Sunday midnight (preferably earlier) in MS Word format in the Dropbox folder for this week “11.4.17”

Head First HTML

  • Read the first chapter

Include your notes on what we discussed in class

Personality Types

What about lists (so far)?

Include this discussion in your review of your outlining (above)

  • List can be ordered or unordered
  • Can be expanded and contracted (reveal and hide lower levels)

Why take notes (why write?)

Include these notes in your discussion of the first chapter of Craft (above)

  • Focus Helps you pay attention
  • MemoryHelps you to remember
  • Digestion Helps me put things into my own terms (keywords)
  • Keywords Represents things you talk about, a high-level generalization

Tharp, The Creative Habit