Research and Writing

Your Research

  • Acknowledgements, based on Chapter 10 of Craft, and building on Chapter 2, Conversation, outlines how to base your research on what others have to say
  • Conversation, an outline of Chapter 2 of Craft, discusses how we best integrate our understanding of ideas and examples imagining our work as a conversation with our sources and with others
  • Definitions outlines how to find the special terms and you’ll need to analyze, express, and discuss your topics effectively
  • Finding Your Topic offers advice on how to get started, how to find something completely interesting and motivating.
  • Images will help you visualize and guide your research as well as express your findings
  • Outlining explores how to organize your findings using the Outline feature in MS Word, including how to structure your reading, note-taking, drafting, revision, and document preparation
  • Reporting, where you learn how to talk about others and prepare the Literature Review
  • Research Questions you aim to develop for your term papers and the BA Thesis
  • Search offers step-by-step advice on how to find that interest by surveying all this incredibly interesting stuff people are doing and writing about on the web, and maybe before that read

Our Classroom

  • Portfolios explains how and why we prepare weekly written assignments and combine them at the end for a grade
  • Team Work is how we’ll organize ourselves to develop the all-important Feedback you for support and learning
  • Feedback explains how to cultivate and harvest this most valuable fruit!
  • Alumni offers examples of excellent student writing, most of it through Blogging
  • Courage is what you’ll develop by following these steps, so you might have a better chance facing the unknown

Other Topics

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