Research and Writing

Your Research

  • Finding Your Topic offers advice on how to get started, how to find something completely interesting and motivating, and From Chit-Chat to Research explains how you are going to work up your little interest into something big. Acknowledgements.
  • Search offers step-by-step advice on how to find that interest by surveying all this incredibly interesting stuff people are doing and writing about on the web, and maybe before that read
  • Outlining Checklist explores how to organize your findings using the Outline feature in MS Word, including how to structure your reading, note-taking, drafting, revision, and document preparation
  • Definitions outlines how to find the special terms and you’ll need to analyze, express, and discuss your topics effectively; similarly, Images will help you visualize and guide your research as well as express your findings
  • …. advice on the Literature Review will soon appear here …
  • Research Questions you aim to develop for your term papers and the BA Thesis

Our Classroom

  • Portfolios explains how and why we prepare weekly written assignments and combine them at the end for a grade
  • Team Work is how we’ll organize ourselves to develop the all-important Feedback you for support and learning
  • Evaluation explains how I determine your grade, including the setting of performance standards (evaluation rubrics)
  • Alumni offers examples of excellent student writing, most of it through Blogging
  • Courage is what you’ll develop by following these steps, so you might have a better chance facing the unknown

Other Topics

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